Programs and services

This page contains informations about the programes and services that I use in my game making and web development.

Take a loke on the deck and maybe you find some inspiration to your own development. Does you know some better alternatives or do you just wanna share experience with a novice. Then give me a poke.

Common tools and services

LinkedIn Learning

Unity and Django/Python courses.. and much much more.


Find people to do small or big tacks.


I use YouTube to find videos regarding Pixelart, Django/Python and Unity.

Humble Monthly

Inspired by game mechanisms and cool experiences from other games

Game development


Im using Unity Personal edition - the one and only game engine. Forged in gaming and in Denmark.


Great Pixel art tool for both canvas or animation creations.

Web development


My primary IDE tool for creating this site. PyCharm is made by JetBrains.

Heroku is hosted at Heroku.


A powerful domain management - easy and cheap.


The framework is made with.


Bootstrap is an easy way for styling and making look nice. That's why I use it.

Font awesome

A great icon service for a site - you see the icons around on