Course: SuperZombieRunner

by lasse

Posted on 03 March 2019

I have completed a course on LinkedIn Learning where the final goal is to create a Unity game named SuperZombieRunner. The course comes with artwork/assets and the only thing you need to do is put it all together in Unity and code C#.

Overall the course is easy to understand and at the end you stand with a fine functional game.

Many problems is solved with c# code. But not a beginner guide. Good idea if the reader first get a basic understanding with C# coding. You can get this by searching for a fundamentals C# course on LinkedIn. It's not a direct requirement, just my friendly recommendation.

There are some old methods used in SuperZombieRunner. Sprite Packer and PixelPerfectCamera are both deprecated. Unity have since the course got published built tools to face these problems better then the sprite packer and your own PixelPerfectCamera. 

The course talks about screen sizes and how to make assets fit to the screen. This is a bonus for a newbie game developer like me.

Conclusion is that it was an overall fine experience and a good learning tutorial from LinkedIn Learning. 

The next step in my progress is to create a simple scene with some prefabs from Unitys assets shop. I want to have a feeling with the user controls and how I can optimize them and eventually reuse the controls in others games. 

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