About alpacahero.com

Everyone starts somewhere. I start my project with this website, where I will share my experiences and progress in indie game development.

Indie game development made with passion

I want to show the world my passion for computer games. For me, games are not just a simple entertainment. It is far more than this. Computer games are a window into another world where it is the player who, through his free choices, creates a story. But it is the game developer who creates the framework for the window. I want to be both - the player and the developer.

The crazy person behind this project

I am a gamer in to my bones. I have been playing computer games nonstop since my childhood. It started on my big brother's Commodore 64 and on my neighbor's Amiga 500. The platform has been subordinate - it's been about the gaming experience and the feeling that only a game can give you. The dream has long been that I develop my own game. That's why I started this project and website. I hope you will follow along.